Build Trust Faster with Short Videos

We produce videos with you to attract, inform and acquire more clients.

Short Videos Work

Clients don’t want to read stuff.  They want human connections.  

Short Q&A videos like this one warm people up.  They familiarize,  inform, and create emotional connections.

This results in more leads, better initial consultations, and higher conversion rates.

Good videos are hard. We make it easy.

One Zoom call is all it takes.

Easy Questions

We'll select 5 to 10 frequently asked questions for you to answer. These are questions you could answer in your sleep.

Zoom Call

We'll ask these questions in a Zoom call. You'll answer them naturally. We'll coach you as needed to make you look and feel great.

We Edit

Our team will edit and splice the recorded Zoom call into 5 to 10 short videos. This is where the magic happens.

We Promote

We'll give you the final videos for your own site and social media accounts. We'll also publish them on our network of sites and social media accounts.

Give It A Shot

The hardest part about doing anything new is taking the first step. 

Just do a Zoom call with us like you would with anyone else. 

We’ll create videos for you.  If you don’t like them, we’ll delete them.  Worst case scenario, you wasted 30 minutes trying something new.

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