From Iraq to Commercial Lawyer: An Interview with Attorney Jeffery Wheat

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The legal field is full of twists and turns. It’s an exciting world, and lawyers are always at the forefront of newsworthy events. It takes dedication, patience, and a strong will to become an attorney, and it is no different for Jeffrey Wheat, the Managing Partner at Wheat Legal.

A Life-Changing Experience

Jeffrey’s journey to becoming an attorney was inspired by a life-changing experience. He found himself charged with a crime he had not committed in Iraq and was more afraid of the legal system than being killed. It wasn’t fair, and it wasn’t right, but it didn’t seem to matter. This experience led him to pursue a career in law, hoping to create a fair and just legal system for others.

A Mentor’s Impact

As with most careers, there are always challenges to be faced. However, Jeffrey did not face any significant challenges when becoming an attorney. He had an excellent mentor in the form of Barry Whitter, who taught him how the world works and how litigation happens. Unfortunately, Barry Whitter passed away suddenly, but what he gave Jeffrey was inside access to quite a bit of litigation early on. None of the court proceedings or paper made any sense, until suddenly, it sort of clicked. This guidance from a seasoned attorney was crucial in helping Jeffrey navigate the legal field successfully.

The legal field is vast, with many practice areas to choose from, and it’s easy to feel lost in the mix. Jeffrey found his area of interest by working at a general practice and doing a million types of law. He discovered the parts of law that appealed to him, and he found that he enjoys commercial litigation and disputes. However, he does not enjoy family law or criminal law.

As a lawyer, Jeffrey’s primary job is to balance the legal and emotional aspects of advising clients. He helps clients make sound judgments in emotional circumstances, even with all the pressure being applied. His goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for his clients and vindicate all their rights.

For individuals who may be hesitant to start a legal process or who may not know where to begin, Jeffrey advises them to ask a lawyer, a neighborhood clinic, or even ChatGPT. He emphasizes that there is always someone willing to help and that it is essential to seek out the right guidance.

Career Advice

For aspiring lawyers who are considering a legal career, Jeffrey offers some unconventional advice. He suggests that they sue someone, go to a court and observe, and consider their motivations. It is not a glamorous job, and it requires hard work. You may have money, but no time to enjoy it. It is also important to incur the least amount of debt necessary to become a lawyer and start making friends early. Everyone you are meeting today may be referring you clients later on.

In conclusion, the legal field is exciting and full of challenges, but with the right guidance and motivation, anyone can succeed. Jeffrey Wheat’s journey to becoming a lawyer is an inspiring story that highlights the importance of dedication, hard work, and mentorship. Whether you’re a client seeking legal advice or an aspiring lawyer looking to join the legal field, there’s always someone willing to help you along the way.

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