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When Will Workers’ Comp Offer a Settlement?

Timing usually isn’t the issue in workers’ compensation cases. Most insurance companies almost immediately make settlement offers. However, in most cases, these proposals are low-ball

What is the TikTok Class Action Lawsuit?

Online privacy violation class action lawsuits, including the TikTok class action, are becoming more common. In 2022, the Chinese-based social media giant, which has more

Inside the Plaid Settlement

In July 2022, a California federal judge approved a $58 million class action Plaid settlement. According to court documents, the fintech startup, which owns Venmo,

Pain and Suffering Settlement Examples

Noneconomic losses, or pain and suffering losses, are the second component of compensatory damages in an injury case. The other component is economic (out-of-pocket) losses,

Second Mortgage Settlement Lawyer

Usually, when people ask about the second mortgage settlement, they’re referring to the 2012 National Mortgage Settlement. Shortly after the 2008 housing crash, which triggered

Tracy Morgan Walmart Settlement

One of the most recent examples of a large car accident settlement was comedian Tracy Morgan’s 2017 settlement with Walmart. Three years earlier, a Walmart

Car Accident Claim Fundamentals

Prepare Yourself by Learning the Basics Most car crashes are not “accidents.” An accident is an unavoidable and completely unintentional event. People accidentally leave the

What To Do After A Car Accident

Over five million car crashes occur every year in the United States. That works out to over 14,000 per day. Read on to learn what you should do after a car crash.

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